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Who We Are

ABOMA, the Apartment Building Owners and Managers Association, Represents Over 600 High-Rise and Walkup Residential Buildings Located in the Chicago Area. 

Approximately 60% are Condominium or Cooperative in Nature and 40% are Rental Buildings

Member Benefits

ABOMA provides:  Labor agreements, employee training, seminars, events, legislative representation, to name just a few.


Networking Opportunities with:

ABOMA supplier members, owners, building managers, management supervisors, condominium boards, management companies

Member Management Tools

We offer condominium lease forms, safety DVD's; doormen, janitorial & parking garage employee labor agreements; key issues in hiring, disciplining and terminating, up to date information on legislation affecting the industry, and much more . . .

Labor Agreements

ABOMA engages in collective bargaining on behalf of member buildings which have designated the Association as its bargaining representative

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ABOMA Forms and Publications

ABOMA Condominium Lease Forms

The ABOMA Form C Unfurnished Condominium Unit lease form is specifically designed for leasing unfurnished residential condominium units in Chicago, Illinois. Each carbonized lease set is made up of three copies of the lease – one for the lessor, one for the lessee and one for the Condominium Association.

  • The most recent version of the lease is copy written July, 2017.
  • When purchased through ABOMA the Lease is offered at a discounted prices to ABOMA members.
  • This Lease form is the “standard” for many member buildings and is widely recognized as “THE” lease form for leasing unfurnished condominium units in Chicago.
  • Leases are NOT available electronically or by fax.
  • Leases are NOT available at the ABOMA Office.
  • Leases ordered on line are shipped USPS First Class Mail or USPS Priority Mail and may take 5 business days or more to be received.
  • Invoices are included with each order – ABOMA does not accept payment by credit card.
  • When purchased through ABOMA the Lease is offered at a discounted prices to ABOMA members.
  • Individual Leases can be obtained by email from aboma1@aboma.com

    Employee Attendance and Disciplinary Records

The revised edition of this valuable management tool is now available from the ABOMA Office. Through the use of this form WHICH IS KEYED TO THE ABOMA LABOR AGREEMENTS a permanent record: of daily attendance with monthly/annual summaries; wage scales; eligibility for time off; supplies issued; and disciplinary action can be maintained for each building employee.

The form has been designed for easy use. It is printed on both sides on card stock and is punched to fit a standard three ring binder.


Prices effective April 26, 2021
Shipping and handling extra


1 to 50 Leases       $ 2.25 each 1 to 50 Leases      $ 3.50 each
Over 50 Leases     $ 2.00 each Over 50 Leases    $ 3.00 each

Shipping and handling charges are based upon number of leases ordered:

5 leases or less:     $4.00 shipped USPS first class mail
6 to 25 leases:        $9.00 shipped USPS Priority Mail
25 or more leases: $15.00 shipped USPS Priority Mail



$ 25 per package of 25 cards
plus $5 handing/shipping


$ 35 per package of 25 card
plus $5 handing/shipping
orders under 25 cards
$1 per card plus
$5 handing/shipping
orders under 25 cards $1.25 per card plus $5 handing/shipping


To order leases or record cards, please send an email to: mjrservices@aol.com with the following information:

  1. Order information: 
    • Form C Condominium Lease or Employee Record Cards
    • Quantity Requested
  2. Name
  3. Company Name
  4. Shipping Address
  5. Billing Address
  6. Phone Number

We are unable to fill orders with missing information.

An invoice will be included with your order.  Orders are generally shipped within five business days.

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