The Apartment Building Owners and Managers Association

The Apartment Building Owners and Managers Association of Illinois is a not-for-profit association founded in 1937 and represents the full spectrum of the High Rise Residential Industry in Chicago.

ABOMA represents the ownership and management of over 600 High-Rise Residential and Walk-Up Member buildings located in the Chicago area. Member buildings are 60% Condominium or Co-Operative and 40% Rental in nature.

Investment as an ABOMA Building member provides opportunity to participate in ABOMA Labor agreements, employee training, continuing education seminars, events and functions. ABOMA offers networking opportunities with ABOMA Supplier Members, Building Owners, Building Managers, Community Association Managers, Management Supervisors, Condominium Board Members and Management Companies.

The basis for Building Membership in the Association is a “physical” residential building whether it is condominium, cooperative or rental. Each member building is entitled to two (2) representatives, a primary representative and an alternate representative who act on behalf of the building. Only Building Members may be part and party to the Labor Contracts negotiated by the Association.

The Association objectives are:

  • To facilitate the exchange of ideas regarding the design, construction, management, operations, Life Safety, property protection and maintenance of high rise residential buildings;
  • To render advice and assistance to its members with respect to personnel matters;
  • To engage in collective bargaining on behalf of member buildings which have designated the Association as its bargaining representative;
  • To consider and act with reference to legislation, taxation, and other public matters of interest to building managers and owners;
  • To oppose actions which may be detrimental to the interests of building managers and owners;
  • To promote the welfare and interest of the members of the Association and industry by all lawful means.

Industry Labor Agreements

  • It is important to note that participation in ABOMA labor agreements is available only to ABOMA Members. Non-members must deal alone and directly with each union. All ABOMA Labor Agreements include an arbitration process to assist members in settling labor disputes as well as other benefits and include a “favored employer” clause (which means that non-members and those buildings who deal direct with the union are not be able to get a more favorable contact with out the Union offering it to all ABOMA Members).

ABOMA has labor Agreements with:

SEIU Local 1 – Building Services Division

  • Three year contract – covering janitorial employees in high-rise and walkup residential Buildings. These 2 CBA’s includes a 401(k) voluntary pension contribution option for employee contributions only (employer is not required to contribute).
  • Three year contract – covering doormen and receiving room employees in residential buildings. In this contract ABOMA Members can take advantage of a lower pension rate contribution to a 401(k) pension savings plan (conditions apply) instead of a higher contribution requirement to the National Industry Pension Fund.

SEIU Local 1 Health, Pension and Training Funds

  • ABOMA Directors serve as Management Trustees of the SEIU Local 1 Health, Pension and Training Funds.

Just negotiated for ABOMA Members only is a COVID-19 Vaccination Mandate process for both Janitorial, maintenance, door staff and receiving room employees employed in ABOMA Member Buildings.

SEIU Local 1 Health, Pension and Training Funds

  • Five year contract – covering parking garage employees in residential buildings.

All ABOMA labor agreements contain a “no-cost” grievance procedure that can be use by our members to resolve some labor issues.

Several specific management tools are available through ABOMA.

  • ABOMA Condominium Lease Forms
The ABOMA lease form, which is specifically designed for leasing unfurnished residential condominium units. This Lease form is the “standard” for many member buildings and is widely recognized as “THE” lease form for use in condominium unit rentals. Available only in printed form from the ABOMA web site at www.aboma.com
  • Employee Attendance and Disciplinary Records

This valuable management tool is keyed to the ABOMA Labor Agreements. It provides a permanent record of daily attendance with monthly/annual summaries, wage scales, eligibility for time off, supplies issued and disciplinary action can be maintained for each building employee. The form has been designed for easy use. It is printed on both sides in light green ink on card stock and is punched to fit a standard three ring binder. Available only in printed form from the ABOMA web site at www.aboma.com

The ABOMA Leadership Team

Consists of 5 Officers and 16 Directors representing a wide cross section of the professional residential property management firms in the Chicagoland Area. All Officers and Directors serve on a voluntary basis. Officers are elected annually for a one year term of office with Directors being elected each year for a 3 year term of office. They represent the “Best of the Best” in residential property management and operations in the Chicago area. click here to view ABOMA Leadership Team

ABOMA Events

are scheduled each quarter of the year. Events are for ABOMA Members only. Prior to each event, reservations can be made through the ABOMA website. Event notification is sent to all members via email indicating when reservations for each event can be made.

ABOMA CBA’s and electronic publications can be accessed at the top of the website home page under “Membership Tools”.

In additional, the ABOMA Office and ABOMA’s Web site (www.aboma.com) provides information on programs, labor agreements, employee training, life safety and supplier members.