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Who We Are

ABOMA, the Apartment Building Owners and Managers Association, Represents Over 600 High-Rise and Walkup Residential Buildings Located in the Chicago Area. 

Approximately 60% are Condominium or Cooperative in Nature and 40% are Rental Buildings

Member Benefits

ABOMA provides:  Labor agreements, employee training, seminars, events, legislative representation, to name just a few.


Networking Opportunities with:

ABOMA supplier members, owners, building managers, management supervisors, condominium boards, management companies

Member Management Tools

We offer condominium lease forms, safety DVD's; doormen, janitorial & parking garage employee labor agreements; key issues in hiring, disciplining and terminating, up to date information on legislation affecting the industry, and much more . . .

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The Apartment Building Owners and Managers Association

Founded in 1937, ABOMA has effectively represented and served the residential property industry in the Chicago area. ABOMA is a not-for-profit Association whose officers and directors serve on a voluntary basis.

ABOMA Represents Over 600 High-Rise and Walk-Up Residential Buildings Located in the Chicago Area, containing over 400,000 units with over 600,000 owners and residences.  Approximately 60% are Condominium or Co-operative in Nature and 40% are Rental Buildings.

Association Objectives:

Our Association objectives are:

  • To facilitate the exchange of ideas regarding the design, construction, management, operations and maintenance of high-rise residential buildings.
  • To render advice and assistance to its members with respect to personnel.
  • To engage in collective bargaining on behalf of member buildings which have designated the Association as it's bargaining representative.
  • To consider and act with reference to legislation, taxation and other public matters of interest to building managers and owners.
  • To promote the welfare and interest of the members of the Association and industry by all lawful means.

Member Benefits:

Some of the many benefits of being an ABOMA member are:

  • Participation in ABOMA Labor Agreements
    • SEIU Local 1
      • Covering janitorial employees in high-rise and walk-up residential buildings.
      • Covering doormen and receiving room employees in high-rise residential buildings
    • Teamsters Local 727
      • Covering parking garage employees in residential buildings
  • ABOMA / SEIU Local 1 Employee Training

Only Building Members may be part and party to the Labor Contracts negotiated by the Association.

  • Networking Opportunities
    • Association events and seminars with networking opportunities to:
      • ABOMA Supplier Members
      • Building Owners
      • Building Managers
      • Management Supervisors
      • Condominium Boards
      • Management Companies

ABOMA programs and services are only available to ABOMA members.

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